We work intensively with “body” models and section models of varying scale.  The computer is an invaluable design tool allowing the projects a higher level of clarity, form and reality.

Urbanistically we are attempting to produce a new typology of Figure/Figure utilizing the fold as both and operational method and as a determinant of form creating a Weak Form Architecture.

Our work embodies both topomorphic and anthropomorphic conditions.  We are creating  a figural architecture of suppleness possessing a distinct separability of parts. Elements inherently connected through body geometry produce space through relational alignments. An architecture of movement emerges from FigureForms built using straight lines set within a logic of curvilinearity in both plan and section combined with geometrically free extruded arcs.  Interiors, plazas and courtyards of spatial residue are created by the super imposition of open and closed, sited and floating fractal solids set within the complexities of a folded wall/roof’s section geometry.

By folding the solid of architectural form with the void of landscape a hybrid is created. The resultant Landform Architecture is a synthesis of the surrounding landscape and built form. The projects reconfigure the pre-existing topography of the site through the formation of a complex of building components linked directly to the site (and the city) through latent formal and spatial relationships.